wisdomandviolence asked:

Hi there, I just saw your top 100 bronies you should know and I enjoyed it and agree with you on almost all choices. However, I think there's one HUGE youtuber you forgot and that is Jananimations. Is there a reason why you didn't include him or did you just not know him? In my opinion, Jan could have been number 1. Still enjoyed it though, good job :) Greetings, W&V

Huh, I thought I did.

Brony Randomness - Discontinued

I will continue the “Brony Randomness” YTP Collab series (into season 2) if I:

  • Get at least 900,000 upload views by Feb. 15, 2012
  • Get 500 subscribers by March 2011 by March 2012
  • Have 200 videos
  • Have more than 20 people following me on Twitter. by March 2012
  • Have more than 10 people that like my Facebook Page by February 2012
  • more than 10 people add me into their circle on google plus by April 2012

Yes I seriously want at least 3 or 4 of those by their deadline